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Best UK Universities 2023 Find out which universities were ranked the best by students in 2023


List of all UK Universities (A-Z)



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University of Aberdeen

“Remarkably good. Combines the prestige and rigour of an established university with the inclusive, industry-led, and more student-friendly mode of teaching that modern universities offer. The student community is diverse and very welcoming!”

By member783036 on 2nd April 23


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Abertay University

“A great university where all the students and staff are close knit.”

By member1047473 on 22nd April 20


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Aberystwyth University

“Aberystwyth is a great place for students from around the world. You get a unique learning experience in a small town with the sea right outside your door (beware of the hungry seagulls).”

By member760336 on 19th June 21


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Anglia Ruskin University

“ARU is a great university to be at, it’s got amazing staff who are enthusiastic about they’re lectures and really know what they’re talking about which makes it that much better…Basically a top tier uni!” 

By member973499 on 21st November 22


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Arts University Bournemouth

"The school is very good and has a big library….The teacher is very kind and will always encourage you to do what you want, very good!"

By member1182627 on 28th March 23

Arts University Plymouth

“The facilities at Plymouth College of Art are like no other, and the fact you can try out anything you like, no restrictions, is amazing. You won't find a Students' Union who care more about students…”

By member663857 on 15th November 21


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Aston University

“It’s great. Love the student union. Lecturers there are amazing. There is student support to contact.”

By member784477 on 18th April 23




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Bangor University

“Brilliant, everything you need and more and not even expensive. The professors are always happy to help and there’s always a balance of seriousness and kindness with them… it’s a beautiful university"

By member684409 on 17th April 23


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University of Bath

“I think I take for granted of all the services and facilities the University provides for me. I only realised this after hearing about my friends’ Universities - what they dont have, we have… Quite an impressive University I would say.”

By member1381400 on 16th March 23


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Bath Spa University

“Bath Spa is an excellent university and I will feel incredibly sad when I have to graduate and leave this summer. It has a beautiful campus which is fantastic for well-being, as well as a wonderful community feel with the staff and students…"

By member1180803 on 9th March 23


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University of Bedfordshire

“The university is very good, and worth spending all the money.”

By member1184669 on 20th April 23


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Birkbeck, University of London

“Birkbeck has a huge advantage over other uni's for older students who are career orientated. They help you find jobs, with regular workshops and opportunities to meet those in a wide range of careers…”

By member1171451 on 9th September 22


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University of Birmingham

“The school environment is very good, the learning atmosphere is strong and the teachers are very responsible. Generally speaking, the school has not only perfect facilities but also a very academic atmosphere.”

By member1183557 on 5th April 23


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Birmingham City University

“BCU is a good university as there is useful and kind staff working to teach us and to give advice with. And the student pub is amazing as it's good value for money and brilliant pizzas by the chef John”

By member1378859 on 18th February 23


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Birmingham Newman University

“excellent university, friendly staff and students. Get loads of help with work through student support. Very easy to follow work given by staff.”

By member484118 On 12th April 23


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Bishop Grosseteste University

“Beautiful, old campus, familial and friendly, fun SU and supportive tutors. No complaints - oh, and matriculation!”

By member973054 on 5th November 22


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University of Bolton

“Very good University with good teaching. The university is modern with excellent sporting facility's. The staff are very approachable and friendly.”

By member868605 on 29th April 22


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Bournemouth University

“I couldn’t have chosen a better university. The university is excellent. Lecturers are enthusiastic, stimulating and engaging. I think it’s important to note that none of the staff are striking, which really highlights how much they care about our learning…”

By member1080262 on 3rd March 23


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“It has been an amazing experience at BPP, they get you ready and running from day one. The focus on students is very commendable… And on graduation, students are equipped with the right tools and information on landing their desired job.”

By member670631 on 5th August 22


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University of Bradford

“Best university ever. It is very accommodating and very student friendly university. I would definitely refer my friends.”

By member472982 on 3rd November 22


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Bradford College

“My experience with Bradford College studying BSc (Hons) Ophthalmic Dispensing has been overwhelmingly positive. The teachers are supportive and want the best for their students!”

By member1056433 on 16th April 21


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University of Brighton

“I love it here :'(. I am an international student originally from California and I picked Brighton to stay close to the ocean and I am so glad I did. I love my course, the professors who teach on it, the people I've met through it…" 

By member970784 on 13th August 22


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University of Bristol

“It's a good experience to study mathematics here. The subjects are useful, the teaching resources are abundant, and I also have lots of free time for my hobbies…”

By member1184742 on 23rd April 23


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Brunel University London

“Great uni and really good location. Close enough to London that traveling in is easy but far enough out that you don't have unnecessarily high living costs.”

By member1061527 on 2nd August 21"


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University of Buckingham

“Love it there!! I'm so glad to be a student at the University of Buckingham!”

By Hbaker on 2nd February 23


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Buckinghamshire New University

“University is good they take so much care of you and did help me in this difficult time, they deserve a lot of credit how they help their students”

By member654273 on 17th February 21




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Canterbury Christ Church University

“Very nice place, excellent facilities, friendly people and all around great vibe. The city is wonderful and has many different amenities to offer.”

By member1362527 on 27th September 21


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University of Cambridge

“Cambridge is an excellent place for learning, studying, training and socialising. The university provides students with a top of the world-class academic and social environment which I highly recommend.”

By member574873 on 12th January 23


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Cardiff Metropolitan University

“My other colleagues have been in cardiff uni and i can assure that Cardiff Met is much better than that in relevance to teaching, nonteaching staff, modulea, exposure, facilities everything”

By member1171577 on 15th September 22


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Cardiff University

“A great university and a great university experience. Cardiff offers everything that is needed for a student from an academic and social perspective.”

By member484148 on 13th April 23


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University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

“I recently attended the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in Preston and I am thoroughly impressed with my experience. The campus is modern and well-maintained, with a variety of facilities for students to use…”

By member576736 on 1st February 23


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University of Chester

“Love studying here, the lecturers and other staff are always willing to help and are friendly.”

By member1084740 on 23rd April 23


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University of Chichester

“I absolutely loved my time at the University of Chichester and would highly recommend to anyone wanting a smaller friendly campus! I've come away with some amazing friends from all different courses, and actually missing my lectures!”

By member973148 on 8th November 22


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City, University of London

“Really good university. The lecturers want you to do well. You can schedule meetings with them if you feel behind. There is plenty of spaces to study…”

By member584412 on 17th April 23


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Colchester Institute


By member520805 On 4th February 16


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Courtauld Institute of Art

“Enjoyed my BA so much - great teaching staff and lovely small community. Research facilities wonderful. Made the discipline so fascinating.”

By Marion On 7th April 19


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Coventry University

“Great university with modern facilities and helpful staff. Amazing catering in the hub. The talent/careers team are fantastic in helping for work experience/ placement queries. Success coaches are amazing for personal and psychological help.”

By member684729 On 22nd April 23


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University of Cumbria

“With an excellent location in the heart of the Lake District, I have never not been able to find an adventure. From Kayaking and hiking to cycling and climbing I have never been bored whilst at uni.”

By member558456 On 21st May 21




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De Montfort University

“DMU is an amazing university to attend because most of the buildings are all next to one another and it’s easy finding where your building is due to the directions that’s located throughout campus.”

By member1383173 on 4th April 23


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University of Derby

“The school has numerous means and platform for students to access in their research, reports and presentation works. Nice reception by teaching and non teaching staff.”

By member1374049 on 6th December 22


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Dublin City University

“Really enjoyed first 2 years of my degree here. Campus atmospheres are very warm and welcoming and you are provided with countless opportunities to make friends and meet new people.”

By member667948 on 7th April 22


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University of Dundee

“Amazing support offered both by the university and DUSA. If living in halls, ResLife are easily accessible for any advice and support regarding social issues within the flats.”

By member1284602 on 20th April 23


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Durham University

“The campus community is vibrant, with plenty of opportunities to get involved in clubs and societies related to computer science and beyond.”

By member582726 on 29th March 23




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University of East Anglia (UEA)

“I've been really enjoying my time at UEA so far. If you're looking for a well-respected University in a low-key, but still interesting and exciting environment with plenty to do, I would highly recommend the University of East Anglia...”

By member1073631 on 24th November 22


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University of East London (UEL)

“I am overwhelmed by the level of support I am receiving by the tutors at the UEL. I study HR in my first year and I feel more than well looked after. I have great communication with all my tutors in relation to all subject matters…”

By member968499 on 26th April 22


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Edge Hill University

“…this universities teaching staff come out top by far! The campus is wonderfully maintained, incredible clean and beautiful. My advice is go there!!!!!”

By member1073067 on 6th November 22


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University of Edinburgh

“really nice with knowledgeable staff and convenient devices which really help me understand lecture more easily…"

By member1274440 on 16th December 22



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Edinburgh Napier University

“I love the university by how Sighthill campus is beautifully looking and the labs are really professional.”

By member1373350 on 16th November 22


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University of Essex

“Essex is good!Especially the lab!I mean all students can participant in some experiments,like decision making…and so on!So not only we can learn sth in the classroom,we also can learn sth outside the classroom.”

By member574527 on 20th December 22


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University of Exeter

“Exeter is a great university, with a variety of facilities and societies. The careers team have a range of insightful opportunities available.”

By member1184902 On 25th April 23




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Falmouth University

“Falmouth is a beautiful place to stay, there’s a really nice creative atmosphere and everyone is really kind and helpful. The lecturers are also great, you really get the sense that they want to help you and push you to do your best…”

By member680731 On 8th March 23




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University of Glasgow

“University of Glasgow is a world-renowned institution with a rich history, exceptional academic programs, and outstanding research opportunities. Its vibrant campus…and diverse student body make it an excellent choice for higher education.”

By member1178510 on 15th February 23


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Glasgow Caledonian University

“GCU has very big students society that shares a lot of communities and traditions. The learning experience is much appreciated and the staff are very supportive. I think I had done the right choice by selecting to study at GCU.”

By member572707 on 25th October 22


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Glasgow School of Art

“Great community of students. Love studying here!!”

By member868304 On 18th April 22


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University of Gloucestershire

“Generally a great university with attentive and caring lecturers that are evidently expert in their field.”

By member1084611 On 20th April 23


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Goldsmiths, University of London

“Nice location and accommodation. Nice team and service especially Natasha who is really friendly and considerate”

By member780597 on 7th March 23


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University of Greenwich

“The University of Greenwich South London is a top-notch institution that provides an excellent education to students worldwide. One of the standout features of this university is the quality of the teaching staff.”

By member1084923 on 25th April 23


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Guildhall School of Music & Drama

“A great uni in a fab location in London”

By member1250929 on 4th September 20




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Harper Adams University

“Very good university would highly recommend, there is so many likeminded people and it is such a lovely community to be part of.”

By member1084880 On 24th April 23


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Hartpury University

“the facilities at Hartpury are excellent. The lectures are very engaging and the lecturers are really friendly.”

By member1144124 On 30th November 19


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Heriot-Watt University

“Heriot-Watt University might not be among the most famous universities. But it definitly is one of the most trust-worthy universities.”

By member571406 On 7th September 22


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University of Hertfordshire

“The University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield offers a wide range of high-quality academic programs and facilities. The campus is modern and well-equipped, providing students with a comfortable and stimulating learning environment…"

By member778298 On 14th February 23


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University of Huddersfield

“The courses were very good, the students were very good, the teachers were very interesting, very responsible, gave me a lot of work opportunities, lots of activities, the library was very big, there were students from different countries…"

By member878229 On 13th February 23


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University of Hull

“with this university they are able to help whenever you have a question about anything within your uni life.”

By member949430 On 18th June 20




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Imperial College London

“I have enjoyed every single year of my studies at Imperial College, in which I have found what I am truly passionate about.”

By member1084032 On 12th April 23




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Keele University

“Amazing range of societies to meet new people and learn new skills, huge beautiful campus for perfect afternoon walks, and on campus gym for exercise. Lots of places to get food, at the cafe or pub or su, and more.”

By member1281071 On 13th March 23


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University of Kent

“The university has a vibrant and diverse community of students and staff from all over the world, which makes for a rich and stimulating learning environment. The facilities on campus are modern and well-maintained…”

By member983055 On 3rd April 23


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King's College London (KCL)

“The staff at KCL are amazing - all the lecturers, seminar leaders and administrative staff I’ve met go above and beyond for students. They care deeply about the work they do and are supportive and understanding throughout the whole process…”

By member1282791 On 30th March 23


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Kingston University

“Overall Kingston is a great uni to study at! The library is my favourite place to be in with there being social and quiet zones!! There are tons of great facilities and the staff are beyond helpful…”

By member1280442 On 6th March 23




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Lancaster University

“Amazing university. I can definitely recommend. I really enjoyed my lectures and felt like I learned a lot.”

By member1163261 On 28th October 21


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University of Law

“The university of law is a great place to study law with a great structure of course ect and lots of help available”

By member775546 On 24th January 23


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University of Leeds

“I have enjoyed my university experience and found staff and students to be friendly and approachable and the facilities to be excellent.”

By member1384859 On 24th April 23


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Leeds Arts University

“Brilliant facilities and lovely staff, there's always something on at the student union and everyone is so friendly… The facilities themselves are great, they have access to so many different art materials… and even a ceramics workshop.”

By member1171885 On 28th September 22


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Leeds Beckett University

“I find the university best for education as I am studying biomed and the professors are very friendly and guide you in right direction when you approach them… I am loving it!!”

By member1084834 On 24th April 23


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Leeds City College

“The selling point for me was not just the course, but also the student life - so many amazing societies!”

By member558517 On 30th May 21


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Leeds Trinity University

“As someone who had to engage with student support and relevant groups many times, I have been met with overwhelming support to make my time at Leeds Trinity University a very pleasant”

By member1084855 On 24th April 23


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University of Leicester

“My experience at University of Leicester has been great. I have made many friends and the course content is very interesting to me. The staff are also very kind and there are many places to get help if you need it.”

By member1281709 On 20th March 23


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University of Lincoln

“Great, modern campus. Good teaching faculty. Good support network. Library is well equipped and the top floor is great to work on with the vaulted ceiling, skylights and exposed beams! Students’ Union put plenty of events on during the year…"

By member776738 On 1st February 23


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University of Liverpool

“The university is one of the best in the UK. The facilities are great. There are alot of extra circular activities. The faculty is great. The city is beautiful. I made a really good decision by coming here.”

By member883695 On 6th April 23


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Liverpool Hope University

“Communication and support is excellent! I haven’t had many bad experiences at my uni - most have been amazing. I’ve met friends for life, joined social clubs that I’ve enjoyed and the staff are welcoming and always friendly…”

By member584551 On 19th April 23


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Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA)

“Very good university would recommend for all musicians that can go, it sets you up to be professional in your career”

By member764434 On 1st December 21


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Liverpool John Moores University

“i love attending liverpool john moores university, i’ve has such a pleasant experience with attending lectures and joining a sports society. i think the lecturers are really knowledgeable and always helpful.”

By member782607 On 28th March 23


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London Metropolitan University

“Teachers are great in the AAD department and work hard to get to know the students and remember their names. Such a big contrast from other universities where the students are just a sea of faced to the lecturers”

By member679821 On 28th February 23


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London School of Commerce

“One of the less well-known Universities but the course, lecturers and societies are world-class!”

By member458488 On 30th May 21


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London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Campus is always buzzing with energy and life, it’s an absolute pleasure every day I go in. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. The faculty and staff are wonderful and inspiring. Also everything is so clean all the time which is great."

By member1381123 On 13th March 23


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London South Bank University

“Excellent course and societies that have provided me with useful employability skills”

By member458488 On 30th May 21


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Loughborough University

“It is one if the best universities in the world and the staff are really friendly. I have received a lot of help in my coursework and it’s a 10/10 experience.”

By member1384703 On 21st April 23




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The University of Manchester

“The University of Manchester has a great social vibe and societies to suit everyone's hobbies. Lecturers are friendly and really quick at responding to emails. They also have a really good careers service to give you plenty of ideas about jobs…"

By member1284596 On 20th April 23


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Manchester Metropolitan University

“I have nearly finished my second year at this university and I can say I always have the motivation to come here because I enjoy it, the lecturers on my course are all lovely, helpful and knowledgeable…”

By member784990 On 26th April 23


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Maynooth University

“Great experience and exposure relevant for career building.”

By member769562 On 21st June 22


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Middlesex University

“The university experience has been fantastic so far. I am really pleased with all the support and help provided by the university to help me going in my academic life.”

By member960758 On 6th July 21




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Newcastle University

“Newcastle is amazing! The campus and city are beautiful and there is so many activities and opportunities to get involved in.”

By member1185071 On 26th April 23


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University of Northampton

“The university's Change maker hub is organising a career expo and placement opportunities, and they are assisting students with their CVs and career paths… Multiple communities exist at the university to engage international students…"

By member1172309 On 11th October 22


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Northumbria University

“The university is very welcoming and up to date with technology and their teaching. All teachers are willing to help you and are very supportive. The facility’s that are available are modern and really easy to use such as the library…”

By member676285 On 28th January 23


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Norwich University of the Arts (NUA)

“Really friendly university. Theres always a lot of opportunities and staff are really lovely and helpful when it comes to changing courses.”

By member478578 On 16th February 23


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University of Nottingham

“It has been an amazing experience living here as a student. It’s nearby the city centre via a local bus access route when at the same time very quite and peaceful to live in”

By member782711 On 29th March 23


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Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

“I have been at NTU for 4 years now, did my bachelor's and currently doing my Masters. What I have to say is that the lecturers are incredibly passionate about their work and they are very approachable for advice on any questions…”

By member784701 On 21st April 23




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University of Oxford

“Oxford University have amazing outreach programmes to extend their reach to many students. Would highly recommend to get a feel of the University.”

By member558517 On 30th May 21


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Oxford Brookes University

"My experience was good with university, I enjoyed my time there and helped me get my dream job.

By member570986 On 21st August 22




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University of Plymouth

“UOP is a really friendly place to be, the staff are approachable and helpful. My student life is brilliant and has been supportive and really welcoming. There are lots of opportunities to be around and to develop new skills.”

By Desmond On 1st February 23


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Plymouth Marjon University

“I love this university with all my heart and I couldn’t be more proud to be here following my mother’s footsteps in the legacy of this great establishment.”

By member1063381 On 2nd November 21


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University of Portsmouth

“Great university for providing solid academic courses and it’s location is amazing. I love how close everything is, and there’s lots of transport for the area.”

By member1081459 On 16th March 23




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Queen Margaret University (QMU)

“A great place to study for 3 of my years, felt very comfortable and supported throughout my time.”

By member1058591 On 23rd May 21


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Queen Mary University University of London (QMUL)

“I love being a student at QMUL! The staff are so nice and genuinely interested in your well-being. The classes are great and encourage you to think for yourself and even think beyond the scope of the syllabus...”

By member1180229 On 2nd March 23


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Queen's University Belfast (QUB)

“It's one of the best college for masters. Teaching and research level is very good. It is in the city center. Student can approach so easily for anything or any need. They have great clubs to participat.”

By member774365 On 14th December 22




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“I love my university! I have made so many friends there and I always enjoy going in. My teachers are always helpful to me and give good feedback. There are great opportunities to help us get a job after we leave.”

By member981979 On 22nd March 23


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University of Reading

“University of Reading is a great place to go with a beautiful campus and wide range of sports and activities tables in. Students union are very involved the students and also provides a great night out on the weekend and Wednesdays.”

By member585351 On 28th April 23


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Regent's University London

“My home university in the states has a partnership with Regents and I was able to spend my third year here from 2018-2019. I loved the uni, the location is incredible, the facilities were great! All my professors were very understanding and dedicated…"

By member1253807 On 31st January 21

Richmond American International University in London

“Good university - both uk and us degree”

By member975254 On 19th January 23


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Robert Gordon University (RGU)

“Based on my experience, RGU is a top modern university in Scotland with a friendly environment and excellent, spacious facilities with open computers, that provide you with a great place to excel in your studies and future career…”

By member784523 On 19th April 23


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University of Roehampton

“I love the Roehampton campus and how welcoming the professors are. The feel of the campus is incredible and the classes are impactful and enjoyable!”

By member781006 On 12th March 23

Royal Agricultural University

“Fantastic university with great support”

By member1083057 On 3rd April 23

Royal College of Music

“Very good and professional university, though the social activities and culture are limited.”

By member483114 On 4th April 23


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Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

“Medicine at RCSI is top of the line. The college does their best to ensure we’re always well taken care of”

By member759079 On 27th May 21


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Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

"As an international student, RCS is one of the schools that has been very helpful. As a dancer and an artist RCS really is a space for you to grow and learn. Couldn’t ask for a better school."

By member1384248 On 16th April 23


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Royal Holloway, University of London

“I have not got a single bad thing to say about Royal Holloway. Absolutely stunning university, I am so glad I chose to come study here. I am a final year student and I am very sad to leave because I have enjoyed my experience here so much.”

By member1183719 On 6th April 23

Royal Veterinary College

“Excellent uni, best in the world for Veterinary Medicine. Really good support systems in place. Society’s are good, would definitely recommend joining hockey!!”

By member1264279 On 26th November 21




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University of Salford

“I’ve had a great experience so far as a first year at the university of Salford. The accommodation staff are friendly and the students around campus are friendly too. It has a very warm and welcoming feel. The flats are of high standard and are secure”

By member1179381 On 23rd February 23


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School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

“Highly enjoy it. Definitely a little niche, but if your interests are in Africa and Asia, it is great. Library fantastic. Lecturers are generally amazing...”

By member684601 On 20th April 23

Scotland's Rural College

“Only just started the year, but don't have much to complain about. The campus is great, the lecturers are wonderful people, the support looks to be fantastic.”

By member591521 On 23rd September 23


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The University of Sheffield

“The university has lots of clubs and societies on it’s always busy and there’s always lots to do - it’s great for my course and it’s really enjoyable!”

By member485051 On 26th April 23


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Sheffield Hallam University

“Hallam is a welcoming university with a good range of facilities for students. The staff are friendly and experienced in their field, and you can always ask them anything.”

By member585231 On 27th April 23


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Solent University

“Great school. I appreciate the teachers style of communication and the modules are quite easy to understand. The library is top notch, I could borrow laptops and take home. I love Solent”

By member784058 On 12th April 23


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University of South Wales (Prifysgol De Cymru)

“It's a really good university to start a career, because of this I can finally move to London to look for something better for me, it gave me good contacts for the future… I learn a lot with these people! Definitely, is a good place to start a good future.”

By member482482 On 27th March 23


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University of Southampton

“The campus itself is nice and in a nice area, it looks modern and the facilities are also great. It can be a bit confusing to get around at first as there are more than one campus, but once you are used to it it is quite easy.”

By member1184364 On 17th April 23


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Staffordshire University

“Great 4 for years of my life. Met many great people there, lectures are very helpful and friendly - sharing knowlegde and experiences with passion. Massive range of resources and technology to use. Highly recommended!”

By member884582 On 19th April 23


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University of St Andrews

“A beautiful place to live and study, making it easy to build a community of friends from the very first days. The academics are exceptional and many adventures are launched every day.”

By member681223 On 14th March 23


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St George's University of London

“Friendly, welcoming, supportive, high quality of research and academic content, specialized in health sciences and medicine. They have always have activities, clubs, seminars, lectures and guests.”

By member972874 On 28th October 22


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University of Stirling

“Amazing place with all the facilities. The library and the atrium is awesome to study with such cozy places. The campus is so beautiful with beautiful scenery”

By Sakshi On 13th December 22

St Mary's University College

“Good university to go to”

By member1243225 On 6th November 19


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St Mary's University, Twickenham

“A friendly and welcoming University with students from a diverse range of backgrounds. I really have enjoyed my time studying here”

By member1067352 On 17th March 22


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University of Strathclyde

“lovely campus and great union. lecturers and tutors are mostly all keen on answering any questions you have.”

By member781224 On 14th March 23


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University of Suffolk

“Amazing. Facilities are new and up to date and the careers team especially have helped me massively to get a head start in my career.”

By member484476 On 18th April 23


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University of Sunderland

“Sunderland uni is a great place to study and enjoy student life outside academics. The facilities are modern and up to date, makes studying here easy and hitch free. The university has a vibrant students union with great societies…"

By member684988 On 26th April 23


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University of Surrey

“I love being at the university of surrey. It is a beautiful campus and provides so many different opportunities for placements! The societies and facilities that are provided are excellent as well!”

By member983270 On 5th April 23


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University of Sussex

“University of Sussex has provided me with great academic insight, a rigid value system and has inspired me to ignite positive change for the world no matter how hard it may be. It's a great university with a great sense of community…"

By member678453 On 15th February 23


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Swansea University

“I have a good time studying in Swansea University. There are a lot of international students, which I can learn different cultures and make friends with them. The lecturers are friendly and will answer your queries patiently.”

By member685538 On 30th April 23




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Technological University Dublin

“Certainly, this college is an outstanding place to study, and the people are very friendly and helpful. Despite the beauty of the new campus, some improvements are needed to the facilities”

By member584562 On 19th April 23


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Teesside University

“Teesside University has a huge library and a huge SU on campus for the students. It is a modern and good university.”

By member784122 On 12th April 23


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The Open University

“The online Univeristy is a great way to balance work like and Univeristy, no travel is needed and all of your uni work can be done online which saves so much time and travel”

By member1180459 On 6th March 23


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Trinity College Dublin

“Amazing, fantastic, stupendous. Speechless. Truly a brilliant place of learning and growth. An environment that breeds excellence and success in every field”

By member682805 On 30th March 23




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Ulster University

“I am a new university student but I find it very welcoming. The staffs and students are pretty cooperative and helped me at every step on my first day on campus.”

By member576086 On 26th January 23


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University College Birmingham (UCB)

“The teachers are very supportive and happy to help. The accomodation is very close to the university and in the heart of the city so fabulous location.”

By member1184108 On 12th April 23


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University College Dublin (UCD)

“Good learning experience. Provides opportunities to challenge yourself and pushes you out of the comfort zone”

By member1384519 On 19th April 23


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University College London (UCL)

“UCL provides a wide range of teaching programs and entertainment activities - clubs, sports games and so forth. The guidances for student to study and work is very considerate and helpful.”

By member585116 On 27th April 23


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University for the Creative Arts (UCA)

“Studying at UCA, Epsom is a great experience. The management faculty is really good and helpful plus after completing the course it does open a lot of job opportunities for me as well.”

By member477688 On 8th February 23


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University of the Arts London (UAL)

“ual is my dream school. I really like it here. It is very free here, and the teachers and classmates are very nice. The school also provides us with a lot of learning resources.”

By member1284242 On 15th April 23


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University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)

“Great university, studied here over a number of years via distance learning. Amazing value for money, great staff and lecturers. Scotland is amazing… Studied at Inverness and the lecturers were amazing… Very supportive as well”

By member655797 On 31st March 21


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University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD)

“Lecturers are always helpful and easy to contact if I had any issues or queries. The university has offered many opportunities for trips and experiences outside the university to develop on knowledge for our particular course.”

By member1184261 On 16th April 23


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University of West London (UWL)

“It is a good place to do your degree. Make sure to utilize everything they have to offer to get the most out of it.”

By member774994 On 16th January 23


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University of the West of Scotland (UWS)

“I am from London campus, since there is no option I choose Glasgow. Everything is good and very neat with exceptional facilities. Friendly staffs.”

By member1178397 On 14th February 23


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UWE Bristol

“UWE has lots of clubs and societies to join, great opportunities to meet new people. UWE offers lots of undergraduates and postgraduates courses and the professors and great and passionate about the subjects”

By member682652 On 28th March 23




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University of Warwick

“The staff are very friendly and all easy to talk to, thr highlight of my experience so far. There's also many chances to meet people and make friends through the many societies and events that take place, as well as the many social places…"

By member579815 On 27th February 23


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University of Westminster

“I really like the teachers, they are usually very helpful and engaging with the assignments. They also give me useful feedback towards my work. Career centre is also good, they have helped me with my CVs and cover letters.”

By member975419 On 23rd January 23


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University of Winchester

“I completely loved my time here. Having been to a different university the year before and not liking the environment or culture, Winchester was much more friendly and welcoming. Everyone here nice and easy going…"

By member761893 On 24th August 21

University of Wolverhampton

“University is an actively a University of opportunities, where we can achieve our goals with fun”

By member1372384 On 13th October 22


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University of Worcester

“The University of Worcester resides in a quiet historical town and excels with its thoughtful lecturers. I enjoyed my time there.”

By member973723 On 28th November 22


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Wrexham University

“Great place to study, there is a lot of help and the teachers are really willing to help us to acheive our goal”

By member1384707 on 21st April 23


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Writtle College

“Extremely disappointing. Basically we've been taught nothing in a whole year.”

By member1356987 On 27th April 21




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University of York

“The facilities are abundant and helpful in every ways. They provide both relaxing activities to relieve our stress and academic ones.”

By member1285148 On 27th April 23


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York St John University

“I have really enjoyed the past 2 years here, the disabilities and wellbeing teams have helped me so much with a learning support plan and my mental health. I’ve made great friends here too… really welcoming and accepting University.”

By member1385052 On 26th April 23


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