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Look for somewhere to live while you study at university and read student reviews to decide where is best for you.

Searching for student housing while at university is one of the main decisions you will make for your studies. There are many options to choose from including catered halls, bills included and varying locations around your city. Depending on your student finance and budget, you can find student halls to suit you, whether you are looking for a city centre spot or want to be nearby to local coffee shops, bars and supermarkets. 

Current students living in accommodation have left reviews for you to read and help you to make the best decision. Find the study location you want to live in and discover every student accommodation option.








Student Accommodation Locations A-Z


Aberdeen Student Accommodation

“I have lived here for 6 months now and the place is lovely. The staff are all very friendly and nice and the room is very spacious. The location is ideal as it’s close to University the city centre and supermarkets.”

By member1181527 On 17th March 23

Aberystwyth Student Accommodation

“Cwrt Mawr is located very conveniently near most academic buildings and the accommodation is one of the most affordable by the university.”

By member558042 On 17th May 21

Bangor Student Accommodation

“I love this place, so nice and clean. Rooms are well designed and kitchen with latest cooking tools. We can enjoy our spare time in common room playing pool ps5 movies etc. Overall my experience is fantastic here.”

By member781871 On 21st March 23

Bath Student Accommodation

“James House offers comfortable, modern, and well-equipped student accommodation in the heart of Bath. The rooms are spacious with plenty of storage, and the common areas are well-maintained. The staff are friendly...”

By member481049 On 13th March 23

Belfast Student Accommodation

“I have felt at home since the day I arrived. From the front door to the flat the staff and students have been so welcoming and I have felt so comfortable during my time here. The facilities are brilliant and the WiFi is really good.”

By member1174287 On 12th December 22

Birmingham Student Accommodation

“This accomodation is literally the best and that is me being honest… Within a walkable distance to all the BCU campuses and I’m pretty sure close to other unis this accom will really feel like home away from home.”

By member1373595 On 24th November 22

Bolton Student Accommodation

“Lived there for three years and it was perfect for what I needed. Such a clean and well looked after place with the most amazing staff.”

By member1270380 On 23rd July 22

Bournemouth Student Accommodation

“Great student accommodation, I am absolutely loving my time here! It’s in such an ideal place regardless of which campus you are on, travel links are on your door step. Lots of shops for food are within minutes away on foot…"

By member1174241 On 12th December 22

Bradford Student Accommodation

“very good experience, nice service, close to our college. The room is clean big and quiet. They have so much activities and room mate is good. they also have good food near around”

By member667268 On 15th March 22

Brighton Student Accommodation

“I really like living here, it is very close to the univesities, everyone in staff is extremely helpful and nice.”

By member584569 On 19th April 23

Bristol Student Accommodation

“Quite good experience here. The devices are new and good to use, the environment is clean, comfortable and nice, the location is convenient for school and daily life, and the administration team is responsible.”

By member1184742 On 23rd April 23

Buckingham Student Accommodation

“My room in Huber was big: I was able to do yoga there no problem. It’s shared accommodation, which is great because cleaners come in to clean the communal areas every day.”

By member1045052 On 28th January 20

Cambridge Student Accommodation

“…I can happily say the railyard is an amazing student accommodation. The price is very generous considering it’s Cambridge. The location is a short walk to town and right next to the station…”

By member1173839 On 30th November 22

Canterbury Student Accommodation

“I love it here. I would recommend this accommodation. Supermarket is near, train station near, pharmacy, city centre, university, everything is at walking distance. It's so conveniant!”

By member577892 On 10th February 23

Cardiff Student Accommodation

“Insanely fast Internet speeds. Way faster than my home Internet. Cleaning is always top notch and the location couldn't be more perfect. The rooms, services from reception, cleanliness, WiFi, and location make this accomodation worth the money.”

By member474634 On 30th December 22

Carlisle Student Accommodation

“The rooms are modern and comfortable. The houses are a perfect size so there are enough in the house to be social but not too many that it is overcrowded in the communal area. Short trip to either campus…”

By member527096 On 31st July 17

Carmarthen Student Accommodation

“Despite being there during several lockdowns, it was nice, clean, accommodating and we still had a great social experience!”

By member762046 On 31st August 21

Cheltenham Student Accommodation

“Fantastically located in the middle of Gloucester city centre, rooms are far more spacious than the on campus rooms with an ensuite. A nice lawn area with benches to sit out in that is lit up by the sun from midday onwards…"

By Jake92 On 3rd February 22

Chester Student Accommodation

"Best place to live! Enjoying my time here, my second year here and enjoyed it the first year so decided to stay here again. Also booked again for 3rd year as I enjoy it and feel safe here…"

By member1078898 On 19th February 23

Chichester Student Accommodation

“I really enjoyed my time in Stockbridge, the rooms are more than big enough for a Student to live comfortably and the communal areas are kept clean regularly. The location is perfect as it is next to a leisure park…”

By member773037 On 4th November 22


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Cirencester Student Accommodation

“Great stuff very warm”

By George On 12th December 17

Colchester Student Accommodation

“Great accommodation for university students, amazing student friendly environment and excellent service!! Highly recommended!!👍😁”

By member974580 On 21st December 22

Coventry Student Accommodation

“This accommodation is amazing, the rooms are great, the staff are lovely and the common areas are a fun and welcoming place to hangout with people.”

By member1166549 On 21st February 22

Derby Student Accommodation

“…The staff are very friendly and cater to any requests you may have. The communal areas such as the courtyard, study rooms, gym, cinema and common room are great places to venture out of your room to when you want a change of scenery…”

By member1059672 On 7th June 21

Dublin Student Accommodation

“This is my first year here and I am super liking this place and it really feels like home. The staff here is so helping and have a nice nature to get along. I will suggest to all aspiring students to consider this place to stay.”

By member873377 On 17th November 22

Dundee Student Accommodation

“Good management and house facilities. Bills are really inclusive. They celebrate festive periods too. Distance is Very close to the university. Walkable to the city centre and banks…”

By member1178203 On 13th February 23

Durham Student Accommodation

“Living here was the best decision I made. The staff are all lovely and look after us well. If anything is wrong maintenance-wise, it gets dealt with very fast. There's a really nice common area to hang out with friends…”

By member681683 On 20th March 23

Edinburgh Student Accommodation

“A real community: kind, inclusive and diverse! Everything here is run fully democratically, which is so empowering- it’s amazing what we can achieve together! If you want friends, community, fun events…”

By member973963 On 3rd December 22


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Exeter Student Accommodation

“Really nice and clean apartment, also convenient as it is really close to the uni, only takes 10 minutes walking to the forum.”

By member1281715 On 20th March 23

Falmouth Student Accommodation

“I really like living in this accommodation, my room is perfectly spacious and the staff are very accommodating and have been very open to answer any questions that I've had. There have been several little events throughout the year so far…”

By member1180932 On 10th March 23

Gillingham Student Accommodation

“The room is small but is an en suite. It will be good for international students for stay if they have no way to get an private accomodation”

By member1259849 On 10th June 21

Glasgow Student Accommodation

“Amazing location as it is in the city centre. All unis are in a walking distance and also its possible to use Bus transport as its just in front of the door. Staff is great and helpful…”

By member1380466 On 6th March 23

Guildford Student Accommodation

“…The design is very modern and gorgeous which sets it apart from any other accommodation. The social spaces and amenities are also top of the line, with a gym, gaming and cinema room that you can book…"

By member484918 On 25th April 23

Hatfield Student Accommodation

“The reception team on site are always supportive and on hand to assist, they put a lot of time into making sure that students are good and apart of the community and welcome on site. They’ve made my university experience a lot better…”

By member469757 On 1st July 22

High Wycombe Student Accommodation

“The management team is amazing and super helpful. Joe and Emily go above and beyond for the residents. Super close to the University and very good sized rooms. Overall pleasant stay.”

By member953842 On 2nd February 21

Huddersfield Student Accommodation

“Very helpful reception staff, easy to talk to and resolve issues well. Communal areas of flats are cleaned every two weeks so shared spaces are always clean. I've really enjoyed living here :)”

By member783219 On 4th April 23

Hull Student Accommodation

“everyone here are friendly and make you feel like you have been here for longer than what you have as they make it feel like you are home.”

By member949430 On 18th June 20

Inverness Student Accommodation

“Stayed here for my first year, mid range price and great experience, 5 min walk from any classes, decent living space, not for the loud partiers or the antisocial, a wonderful middle ground of people who like people but still want a degree”

By SocStudent18 On 26th April 19

Ipswich Student Accommodation

“Great accommodation for students to live in and the property manager is very friendly and helpful.”

By member1383668 On 6th April 23

Keele Student Accommodation

“A wide variety of things provided for such a great price, even for the cheapest of the rooms you get a room like no other. Amazing common room, gym, and overall environment for students.”

By member1281071 On 13th March 23

Lancaster Student Accommodation

“Excellent staff and facilities. Short walk to town, 30 minute bus journey to campus with convenient bus stop location.”

By member781720 On 20th March 23

Leeds Student Accommodation

“The best accommodation in Leeds! The on site team are very helpful and friendly and will go above and beyond to make your time here the best! The daily breakfast is great and the facilities are like nowhere else!”

By member571148 On 29th August 22

Leicester Student Accommodation

“The accommodation is excellent with good amenities and Management. It feels like home here and I’m really glad that I found this place and booked it right away.”

By member877825 On 9th February 23

Lincoln Student Accommodation

“Really great accommodation, feels like a proper home from home. The staff are so welcoming and friendly, they are always there if there are any issues. Facilities are second to none, with many places to study, relax and socialise…”

By member972967 On 2nd November 22

Liverpool Student Accommodation

“This apartment is the BEST student accommodation I‘ve lived in Liverpool! The apartment is large and has a lot of activities. All staff are very very supportive and friendly and responsive, they will give u help in a very timely manner…”

By member780171 On 2nd March 23

London Student Accommodation

“Coming from up North to study in London I was really excited , however I was slightly concerned with regards to finding suitable accommodation. My concerns were put to rest by the landlord and the smooth process of exchange…”

By member1362822 On 13th October 21

Loughborough Student Accommodation

“The staff are really friendly. The location is ideal as it’s next to the town centre and there are many extra curricular activities to take part in. It has been a 10/10 experience for me.”

By member1384703 On 21st April 23

Luton Student Accommodation

“It’s good considering it’s right next to the campus so you can feel safe being in Luton”

By member585262 On 27th April 23

Manchester Student Accommodation

“It is a lovely building in an amazing location. The best part of this building is the staff. Extremely helpful and friendly staff members. The price 190 per week is justified. Stayed here for a week and had an amazing time.”

By member679960 On 1st March 23

Middlesbrough Student Accommodation

“All of the staff are incredibly friendly and have created a very warm and welcoming environment for all students which is especially important as most haven’t ever lived away from home - there is always someone to help you out…”

By member1175982 On 25th January 23

Newcastle upon Tyne Student Accommodation

“Having lived here for 2 years of university, and already rebooked for next year, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere better for my University experience. The location of the building is amazing, as it’s central to all amenities…”

By member784174 On 13th April 23

Newport Student Accommodation

“Best halls in my opinion. Away from SU so don’t hear the noise. Next to rugby pitches so can watch the games. Close to the library and certain classrooms…”

By member640877 On 29th July 19

Northampton Student Accommodation

“…Location is a lot quieter than Waterside though you can often hear some music and general noise, nothing too bad and traffic noise not major. Bus pass to the main campus is given to all residents here…”

By member1063365 On 1st November 21

Norwich Student Accommodation

“The best student accommodation in Norwich. The staff are approachable and friendly always there to help students in anyway they can. The events they run in the week provide food and other goodies for their tenants…”

By member477071 On 3rd February 23

Nottingham Student Accommodation

“I have been staying at this accommodation for the past academic year. Since my arrival the staff has been friendly, from the cleaning ladies to the management. This accommodation provides a range of different room styles and facilities…”

By member585211 On 27th April 23

Ormskirk Student Accommodation

“The space you get is unbelievable, you get a cleaner every morning to clean your kitchen. Where I am you have a corner sofa and a TV on the wall. Locked cupboard space which is really good but you also get extra cupboards to put dishes and plates…”

By member1119824 On 26th November 15

Oxford Student Accommodation

“Great accommodation with helpful management and 24/7 security, which made my studies and time here a lot easier. The accommodation has lots of common room spaces, clean and modern. The area around is pretty nice, not crowded or chaotic…”

By member1071276 On 3rd September 22

Plymouth Student Accommodation

“…great accommodation, it is like living in a hotel! It has great views and amazing social and study spaces! I would highly suggest this accommodation if you are studying in Plymouth!”

By member982382 On 27th March 23

Portsmouth Student Accommodation

“It's really cool you can book the common rooms and cinema room for parties with your friends. I've definitely made use of it and now all my other friends are jealous they don't live here…”

By member778871 On 19th February 23

Preston Student Accommodation

“The accommodation is really modern and is always kept clean. Staff are super friendly and will always stop to have a chat with you when they're free. Above all though, any problem you have or anything you need fixing will be attended to straight away…”

By member1180439 On 6th March 23

Reading Student Accommodation

“The location is the best, everything you need is close by. The studios are as seen in the photos and advertised. The team is very helpful with whatever you need and there is security 24/7.”

By member569873 On 7th July 22

Salford Student Accommodation

“…the facilities are amazing, the campus is always clean and I really appreciate having an ensuite bathroom. Thee are regular events which are always free, and it's helped me to make new friends and step out of my comfort zone.”

By member779357 On 23rd February 23

Sheffield Student Accommodation

“Great room, has everything you will need, good location with a 24 hour shop around the corner, building management are lovely and won’t hesitate to help if you need anything. Double locks on room doors and fob access to get in…"

By Calen Watson On 4th November 22

Southampton Student Accommodation

“…The bed was comfortable, the desk was spacious and there was plenty of storage space for all my belongings.The location of the accommodation was also fantastic, with easy access to public transportation and a variety of shops, restaurants…”

By member981624 On 18th March 23

St Andrews Student Accommodation

“…5 minutes away from the beach and very close to university buildings as well. The maintenance team always responds quickly, and everyone working here has been nothing but kind and helpful during my 3 years living here.”

By member1381423 On 16th March 23

Stirling Student Accommodation

“…There’s never any issues and the building is managed, cleaned, and maintained perfectly as well as having loads of great events throughout the year. The best accommodation in Stirling.”

By member585100 On 27th April 23

Stoke-on-Trent Student Accommodation

“…The staff are very welcoming and it is in a optimum location. Within walking distance to uni and town centre. I feel very safe here and the security team are always happy to help. Rooms are good also.”

By member678161 On 12th February 23

Sunderland Student Accommodation

“I decided to stay here after looking at the students' online reviews. The accommodation, however, exceeded my expectations. A home away from home, in a manner. An extremely attentive team that is always willing to hear you out...”

By member579908 On 28th February 23

Swansea Student Accommodation

“It’s been wonderful here so far. The communal spaces are great and it’s a grey experience living here at the heart of swansea. Student accommodation makes everything easier and the staff are incredibly supportive!”

By member973922 On 2nd December 22

Winchester Student Accommodation

“…I really enjoyed having the opportunity to live in such a safe and welcoming environment. The studios themselves are extremely spacious, clean and well-equipped for studying and day to day activities…”

By member1160547 On 27th June 21

Wolverhampton Student Accommodation

“…there are a lot of events for everyone staying at accom to integrate and make new friends, it’s a 5 min walk to the Wolverhampton campus and to the bus stops for the inter campus buses to Telford and Walsall, I would 100% recommend…”

Worcester Student Accommodation

“Ledbury is the best accommodation for pres, the best accommodation in my opinion”

By member769854 On 7th July 22

Wrexham Student Accommodation

“Absolutely brilliant location, superb staff who are always willing to go the extra mile and such a vibrant community. In all its a positive place to experience and who wouldnt love the shops and pubs on their door step!”

By member479539 On 24th February 23

Writtle Student Accommodation

“Very clean friendly staff and great access to campus and shop!”

By PainterRS On 20th May 19

York Student Accommodation

“The environment is very nice and quiet and the staff are very conscientious and responsible, very nice and great. I wish there were more recreational activities and facilities and it was very close to the school, very convenient and quick.”

By member884724 On 22nd April 23

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