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Discover the results for StudentCrowd's University Awards 2024#

The results are in! We are so excited to be able to announce the winners of the StudentCrowd University Awards 2024.

To create these UK university rankings, we analysed a whopping 31,564 verified student reviews submitted on StudentCrowd between June 2022 and June 2024, across 11 different categories that students rated out of 5 stars. These awards cover all of the most important aspects of university life and are the only awards based 100% on reviews from verified students studying in the UK, using their email address.

Search through the categories below to reveal the top universities in 2024. 

How were the winners selected?#

Winners were selected based on their StudentCrowd rating over a two-year period from June 2022 to June 2024. The average review scores are across our university, course and accommodation review categories. In order to be eligible for an award a university needs to have a total of 100 reviews across our three review areas. 

Why are these awards the only ones that matter?#

We at StudentCrowd believe the best people to tell you what university life is really like are students themselves. That's why we created the StudentCrowd platform, to give students an unfiltered space to share their unbiased experiences with other students. And it's not just us that think reviews are important. In 2020, UCAS discovered that “online reviews by students” was the 2nd most important resource for applicants choosing a university. University reviews are becoming central to university decision making for both UK and international students.

That's why when it comes to UK university rankings, StudentCrowd’s Best Universities league tables are one of the most sought-after league tables around. Our awards are the only university league tables to be based 100% on student opinion gathered through our verified student reviews. We only allow students to leave a review using an email address. This means you can guarantee every review left on our site is a genuine student.

Want to know more?#

If you are a Higher Education provider and would like to know more about our university awards please contact us at 

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