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Complete Student Guide to the Cheapest Cities in the UK

Want to study at the cheapest university in the UK? University tuition fees will vary depending on where you come from.

If you are a UK student tuition fees are set at £9,250 regardless of which university you attend. However, if you are from Northern Ireland or Scotland and studying in your home country, your fees are lower. This means if you want to study at the cheapest uni, you will need to make a smarter decision on location and accommodation rent costs. If you are an international student, tuition fees will vary in price, but you too can make a cheaper choice through the city you choose to live in.

How do I find the cheapest university choice for me?

To make your decision-making easier, we have put together 6 league tables. Use each page to compare your university options. Whether you want to study at a Russell Group university, by the sea or at a high tariff university - using StudentCrowd’s live accommodation data*, we have collected all the student accommodation prices to help you figure out your university choice.

So it's time to get started! Explore our league tables and find universities with an affordable cost of living.  


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Cheapest UK Cities for Student Accommodation

Want to find the cheapest cities for students in the UK? You can choose to save money at university depending on where you live. Read our league table to compare the different rent prices and discover student reviews of over 70 UK cities. 


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Cheapest Cities in Scotland for Student Accommodation

Looking to study in Scotland? The cost of university in Scotland will depend on the location you choose to study in. Read to find out which student cities have the cheapest rent and compare average prices.


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Cheapest UK Cities in Wales for Student Accommodation

If you are searching for the cheapest place to live in Wales as a student, look no further! Find out which university to choose in Wales if the cost of living and affordability is an important factor for you.


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Cheapest UK Cities with Russell Group Universities

Applying for a degree from a Russell Group University? You could achieve a reputable degree and save money, just by making a smart choice in your application! Check out the top 10 universities in these affordable Russell Group cities. 


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Cheapest Seaside Cities for Student Accommodation

Looking for affordable universities by the sea? Find out which universities in the UK are close to the beach by using our league table to find the cheapest seaside town for you. 


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Cheapest UK Cities with High Tariff Universities

If you have been applying for high requirement universities, you can still get an excellent higher education whilst saving some money! Check out our league tables to find the best university city for you.


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Cheapest UK Cities for Student Accommodation Archive

Discover the cheapest cities for student accommodation in the UK published in 2023.

What do students think about the cost of living in their cities?

2nd November 2022

Sheffield Review

Affordable city to live in, by far one of the cheapest in the UK for university students.

6th May 2022

Bradford Review

cost of living is the best part about the city and the restaurants too.

1st October 2022

Aberdeen Review

The city is small, but very peaceful. The most affordable places in the UK and jobs are plentiful due to oil and gas industry and accounting firms. It's a student city (almost 40 thousand) study and work here. The accommodation is cheap but can be difficult to find one during start of academic year. Lot of attractions nearby. The city is sunny, windy and rainy all at the same time. Recommend dolphin and seal walking at the tory battery.

20th February 2023

Liverpool Review

Easy to locate public transport areas, Cheap prices for day tickets people enjoy night out loads of places to shop Loads of areas to eat out, reasonable prices depending on where you go Cost of living is rising

*StudentCrowd’s data is the most comprehensive data on the cost of student accommodation in the UK. Find out more on how we collect and manage our accommodation data here.

The table below is based on the cost of purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) and university-owned halls. We used the monthly average of all student accommodation in each location from September 2021 - August 2022. Note, it does not cover HMO (house in multiple occupation) rents, however, PBSA and university-owned accommodation are an accurate reflection of local HMO rents. StudentCrowd collects rent and occupancy data on a weekly basis for all PBSA accommodation and on a fortnightly basis for all university-owned accommodation in the UK.

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