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Best Universities for Teaching Quality 2022

“What do my university fees get spent on?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions by university students. The answer is usually varied, but a good chunk of that money gets spent on providing the teaching environment i.e. facilities, and the teaching itself, namely lecturers, tutors and study support. 

These university league tables are very important because they help prospective students find out which universities really are delivering world-class teaching. 

How is the top 20 worked out?

To reveal our top 20 universities for teaching quality, we have crunched 15,871 authentic student reviews left on StudentCrowd between June 2020 to May 2022. Students leaving university reviews about the quality of teaching at their uni gives one of the best snapshots of the real student experience.

What is teaching quality? 

High quality teaching covers all sorts of things, including the number of contact hours, how knowledgeable the lecturers and tutors are, support from lecturers, and most importantly, creative, engaging delivery which brings the material to life.

Experiential and work-based learning techniques, like those being used at Cardiff Metropolitan University (#10), are becoming even more important to make sure that young people graduating from uni are work-ready, not just familiar with academic content.  

Effective teaching can make a huge difference to the student experience as well as long-term job prospects. Top universities strive to leverage their teaching to help their students excel in their future workplace. 

Online vs face-to-face?

At StudentCrowd, we are still keeping our eye on what university teaching and learning will look like as the effects of COVID-19 wear off. Our reviews show that students have adapted well to online learning, with many students commenting on the quality of online delivery. 

Without doubt, there will be much more blended delivery like we’re seeing at Imperial College London (#2) where they are using many of the online teaching techniques developed during lockdown to enhance their business-as-usual teaching. Like it or loathe it, elements of online learning are here to stay. 

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The Top 20 UK Universities for Teaching Quality 


Norwich University of the Arts (NUA)

“The lecturers are always extremely helpful and they do a lot to help the students with their projects [...] The course content is for the most part engaging...”

Overall rating

NUA’s continued focus on in-person workshops and assessments has seen them soar to our number one spot. Students at the University of the Arts are taught by practitioners using the same widespread techniques seen across creative industries, giving them a unique level of preparation and insight to prepare for their careers. The university has responded exceptionally well to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, with secure group teaching sessions and further live-streamed teaching.






Imperial College London

“... every teacher (posdoc, lecturer, doctor or professor) there has a good scientific experience and they are very friendly. I learned a lot from here and experience with respect.”

Overall rating

Teaching quality at Imperial College London remains exceptionally high. The institution is established as an industry leader, with REF 2021 awarding them a greater proportion of 4* “World-Leading” research than any other UK university. Students are provided with a diverse portfolio of in-person teaching experiences, which are backed up by excellent digital provision in the form of podcasts and lecture recordings.





Robert Gordon University (RGU)

“I am very lucky to have supportive and knowledgeable lecturers.”

Overall rating

Rounding out our top three is Robert Gordon University. Having significantly invested in both on-campus and online support networks in recent years, RGU deserves its third place ranking. Students praise the friendliness and approachability of teaching staff, who cultivate a positive learning environment for all students. Having created a “student-led approach”, the university ensures that students are provided with the facilities and support they need to succeed.





University of St Andrews

“staff and teachers are incredible. super grateful for the support especially during the pandemic”

Overall rating

Teaching at the University of St Andrews continues to go from strength to strength, with students repeatedly citing superb staff and facilities in their reviews. With an ongoing focus on lectures by specialists, smaller tutorials and seminars where students can develop their communication skills, as well as labs equipped with excellent equipment, St Andrews continues to build on its reputation as a top teaching university.





The University of Sheffield

“Fun course, had an amazing personal tutor and all the teachers give you the vibe that they actually want to see u succeed and go on to great things”

Overall rating

Sheffield moves up into our top five this year, following another year of superb reviews. Students consistently mention the quality of teaching facilities, with particular praise for the online learning environment cultivated by the university. As a forward-thinking institution, Sheffield is working with academics and students to implement sustainability into all of their offered courses, helping students to face the challenges presented to their generation.





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Ulster University

“This course so far has been amazing, i have found very interesting the teachers are very helpful if you don't understand something”

Overall rating

Reviews of Ulster University often feature praise for its teaching quality, and it’s easy to see why. Ulster now ranks in the top 10% of UK universities for outstanding or very considerable research, according to the 2021 REF assessment. The focus on teaching is not purely performance-based however, with students also commending staff who care about individuals' education and wellbeing, and don't just seem them as faces in a crowd.





University of Aberdeen

“The classes are fun and the lecturers are super passionate about the subjects they teach.”

Overall rating

The University of Aberdeen returns to the top 10 this year, having received glowing praise from students on its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Teaching staff are regarded as being competent, approachable, friendly and able to assist students in their education whilst ensuring that wellbeing is not discarded. The university continues to invest in infrastructure, backing up its teaching staff with excellent facilities.





University of Huddersfield

“Teaching is good I learn a lot everyday in my lectures even during these hard times over zoom calls the teachers put in their hardest efforts for us to learn”

Overall rating

Before you’ve even begun to study at Huddersfield, their excellent teaching begins, with fantastic guidance for prospective students helping to prepare them for higher education. Students often mention the quality of Huddersfield's education in their reviews, as well as praising the tutors at the institution for the care and guidance they offer. Significant investment has seen specialist facilities emerge to support teaching staff.





University of Greenwich

“Well constructed course with excellent tutors and lecturers they know how to teach!”

Overall rating

Despite now being spread across three separate campuses, the University of Greenwich has managed to retain its excellent standard of teaching. With a focus on equipping students with skills valued by employers, Greenwich aims to set its students up for success in later life with both academic and personable skills. Reviews from students often remark on the passion of their teaching staff and a genuine desire to pass on knowledge to the next generation.





Cardiff Metropolitan University

“very good course with responsive teachers/Outstanding quality of teaching [...] Supportive and helpful staff made us feel like we are part of a community.”

Overall rating

With a particular focus on ensuring that students reach their full potential, Cardiff Metropolitan University not only provides solid course teaching, but academic and digital skills also. With a strong focus on professional and vocational courses, the university has established an international reputation for itself as an industry leader with dedicated and competent staff.





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Keele University 

“Great fun with interesting content and charismatic teachers”

Overall rating

Through a combination of superb facilities and excellent staff, Keele University once again features in our top 20. Being described by students as "exceptional", it is clear that teaching remains a high priority for Keele, be it in-person or through their wide selection of online courses. Reviews consistently comment on talented and kind teaching staff, who ensure that the lectures and sessions they deliver are engaging and forward-thinking.





University of the Arts London (UAL) 

“... The teaching has been fantastic and it has been supplemented with lectures from industry proffessionals throughout the year”

Overall rating

In response to the new world left in the wake of COVID-19, the University of the Arts London has developed a three-part strategy to ensure creative learning changes the world. With a renewed focus on providing vocational training, cutting-edge digital technologies, and ensuring skills are set within an ethical framework, UAL are unleashing 21st-century graduates who are able to flourish in creative industries.





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University of Reading

“Great teaching quality the lectures are very helpful.”

Overall rating

This year the University of Reading saw their "World-Leading" REF score increase by 13%, as they establish themselves in the upper eaves of UK higher education. This excellence spills out into the quality of teaching at Reading, with glowing reviews from students on both the module and support staff who have guided them through their education. The institution continues to refresh its stance on learning, ensuring that its teaching strategies remain relevant in an ever-changing world.





University of East Anglia (UEA)

“It’s a great university with lots of resources available to students, from the careers service to the student support service. Excellent quality of teaching and education guaranteed...”

Overall rating

In the latest Research Excellence Framework, 91% of UEA’s research was rated as "World-Leading" or "Internationally Excellent". The staff behind this exceptional research also use a variety of teaching styles to inspire and educate the next generation of professionals, empowering students to find their voice and develop into high quality graduates. In reviews, students remark on the excellent standard of teaching, supported by modern facilities.





Royal Holloway, University of London

“Great teaching quality and a good amount of assessments that allow for academic growth”

Overall rating

Royal Holloway features an exceptional teaching team, as well as being a beautiful place to study. Teaching, although delivered at a high level, is understandable and delivered alongside a whole host of support for students. Being highly-ranked for research and with a renowned international reputation, Royal Holloway gives students everything they need to get their career off to a bright start.





Staffordshire University

“Great teaching and really funny lecturers who will always make sure you're doing alright. They're really good at teaching and give some good feedback on your work to improve”

Overall rating

Retaining its position in our top 20 for teaching excellence is Staffordshire University. With world-leading research and fantastic industry connections, Staffordshire has managed to maintain its focus on delivering excellent education for its students. Supported by high quality facilities, staff at Staffordshire University deliver a teaching experience described as "excellent" in reviews left by students.





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Durham University

“Absolutely perfect. The course is planned out extremely well and content is very interesting. Our lecturers are undoubtedly very knowledgable and passionate about their teaching, and the support is great.”

Overall rating

Durham uses its considerable reputation for world-leading research to support its research-led teaching practices. By keeping students' potential in view, Durham cultivates a learning environment where students can take risks and make mistakes but, crucially, learn through the process. With a supportive student environment, the university is able to push its students academically, knowing that they have all the tools they need to succeed.





University of Liverpool

“Great teaching and really funny lecturers who will always make sure you're doing alright. They're really good at teaching and give some good feedback on your work to improve”

Overall rating

The University of Liverpool positions itself as an institution facing the challenges in the world today, and through its teaching, invites students to be a part of that mission. With a global outlook, highly qualified staff and excellent student support, Liverpool is a place where students not only learn course content, but develop into professionals who can contribute in their future contexts.





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University of Warwick

“Great course, very very interesting. The tutors and teachers are extremely nice and friendly and help whenever they can”

Overall rating

Warwick continues to deliver fantastic teaching and learning not only for undergraduates and other students, but also for external organisations and business leaders. Through its immersive learning strategies, students are taught to think critically for themselves, whilst being supported by superb staff in world-leading facilities. The institution's focus on research leads to students being provided with a modern, cutting-edge education.





Image Credit

Newcastle University

“Amazing opportunities to study an amazing combination of subjects, I've started studying things I really enjoy and the teaching is incredibly constructive.”

Overall rating

Rounding out our top 20 is Newcastle, who thoroughly deserve their spot on the list. Their courses are developed by a phenomenal team of academics and researchers, who ensure that their content will be relevant to their students' future careers. With an outstanding reputation for academic excellence and an extensive student support network, prospective Newcastle students can be confident that they'll receive a world-class education.




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