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Not sure where to live at uni? We’ve got you covered! Here is how you can make your student experience the best it can be!

Students like you have worked really hard to get into university, and you probably have high expectations of what the next few years of your life will look like.

Yes you will spend time in lectures, on campus with friends or exploring your city - but a good portion of your day will be spent in your student accommodation. 

From freshers week to final year, there are lots of different types of student accommodation in the UK, but across all of the options, you can make the most of your housing choice. 

So, if you are looking to enjoy your time at university, read on to find out what you can do to maximise your student accommodation experience.


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Spaces designed for connecting

Communal spaces are there to help you make friends at uni! Most student halls have shared spaces for all residents where you can meet new people, chat to your friends and relax after a long day at university. In the warmer months, you could use the garden and outdoor seating spaces your accommodation has on offer - great for hosting Summer gatherings or soaking up the sunshine! 

If your accommodation doesn’t have a general common room, you can still enjoy using your shared living room or kitchen space in your flat. Spending time in your shared flat spaces can help you to get to know your flatmates in a more relaxed environment.

Do you value student accommodation with common rooms? Some student accommodation options have on-site cinema rooms, roof terraces and bar spaces - which can all be used for you to socialise with friends and host events. Your residence may have a space you can hire out for an evening - perfect for parties or society meetings.

These dedicated spaces to connect are always talked about in positive student reviews of accommodation:


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On 12th November 18

Student Review of The Eclipse (Student Accommodation in Cardiff)

…With my new friends from all over the world I can go to the private gym, the dining room, the cinema, the Karaoke Room or the private event location (Cleanliness is outstanding)… 

On 27th July 22

Student Review of The Neighbourhood (Student Accommodation in Cardiff)

The Neighbourhood Cardiff has been a warm and home like experience for me. The staff are all friendly and welcoming, they get to know you well and every time I would come back from uni, there is a feeling of calm and relaxation. The social spaces are well organised in manner that you tend to greet new people and make friends with everyone around. Management is always responsive and security is provided 24/7. The Neighbourhood Cardiff has been a significant and crucial part of my experience here and I am satisfied with my choice of living here.


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Support your student life and live in student accommodation with study spaces

The main reason you are at university is to study. You may generally choose to study at the library or in your bedroom, but some residences will have alternative study spaces available. 

If you need a different study space, student accommodation may have indoor seating areas or a student cafe with WiFi that are good for doing your assignments. These areas can be useful if you have a group project meeting or want to study with friends. 

Check the facilities available at your accommodation, there may be a space suitable for supporting your degree. Whether that is a music practice room, photography room or study room with computers and printers - explore every area of your residence to ensure you are using it well. If you need student accommodation with music rooms to practise, make that part of your housing requirements!


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On 12th October 22

Student Review of Scotway House (Student Accommodation in Glasgow)

It feels like a home away from home. I stayed there for one year and I got to make so many friends. The social places, study areas, gym, in home shop, cinema room, super friendly staff, everything is up to date and so lively. Couldn’t ask for anything more :)


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Properties that focus on student wellbeing

Getting along to organised social events for residents in your accommodation is a good way to ensure you aren’t isolated when living away from home. Depending on how proactive the site-team are, they may arrange for therapy dog sessions or pizza nights to add into your weekly schedule. This can be helpful if your halls of residence are a distance away from the students union, they are a great way to meet friends at university without constantly travelling around. To find out if your accommodation hosts events, search it on social media, many share information in Facebook groups or on their Instagram profile.

If physical well being is a top priority for you, having an on-site gym would definitely improve your student accommodation experience. This alongside other facilities like table tennis or pool tables can provide space for active socialising or keeping up with your fitness without the hassle of commuting to a gym.


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On 27th August 22

Student Review of Marlborough House (Student Accommodation in Bristol)

Staying here is so comfortable. The location is near city centre and rooms are clean and they have house keeping service. Staff are friendly and and they solve problems quickly. There's a gym and socialize space with pool tables, cinema room, ping pong, study space and these facilities are clean and useful. Overall, I'm satisfied with this student dormitory.

Exploring your neighbourhood

Your student accommodation may not have tons of indoor facilities, but you can still make the most of living there. Have a look at the area surrounding where you live, are there any nearby green spaces that you can enjoy nature in? Or, is there a row of independent cafes and cool bars you can try out? You may not be living in the same area next year, so enjoy your local amenities while you have access to them!

On 24th May 20

Student Review of Daisybank Villas (Student Accommodation in Manchester)

An excellent student accomodation very closed to the main campus of the university in a very green neighborhood. In about 10 minutes it is also possible to reach superdrug, lidl, tesco, poundland and the Withworth park. I am having a studio for more than 3 years since I found it very comfortable with all I need (en suite bathroom, laundry, internet and bill included). The studio is also in very good conditions, and during my second year has received also some further maintenance works. The only thing is the lack of a reception inside the property. However, you can find the reception after 15-20 minutes of walk.

Make the most of your reception team

Have a chat with your accommodation reception team, they may be able to offer you advice or tell you about any of the upcoming events in your area. Your reception team is also there to collect your parcels and deliveries - this means you can maximise your time on campus without worrying about collecting your post during the day.

On March 9th 21

Student Review of Portland Green Student Village (Student Accommodation in Newcastle upon Tyne)

I love living at Portland green, the staff are always so helpful In particular (Emily and Dave). With everything going on they have made it so easy to feel happier and at home. Everyone should live here if the could!

University life is about so much more than studying just to get a degree. Wherever you end up, we hope you are able to enjoy the full university experience in the upcoming academic year and find accommodation that will help you thrive.

There are many options for your university accommodation: en suite rooms, studios, shared houses and apartments, to name a few. To make it less confusing, we explained all of your student accommodation options in this article.

Does your student accommodation enhance your university experience? Let us know here!

What do other students think is important about accommodation? Watch a short video to find out


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