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Best UK Universities 2022 for WiFi and Internet 

Finding the best universities for WiFi and internet is about so much more than just a fast connection. With digital studying, timetables and feedback all becoming more prevalent, UK universities have had to raise the bar when it comes to their digital offerings. 

University IT teams work to ensure that students are never offline and always have access to their academic resources, and maintain connections able to handle all-important media streaming and online gaming.

When it comes to which UK university rankings really matter, the importance of WiFi and internet qualities cannot be underestimated. Our university reviews help students to discover which universities value and invest in their wireless networks. 

Our WiFi and internet university league tables

We’ve made the job of finding the best university for WiFi and internet easy by crunching our student review scores. Based on 15,871 authentic student reviews submitted on StudentCrowd between June 2020 and May 2022, we can now reveal our top 20 league table of the best universities for WiFi and internet in the UK, as decided by students! 

Why are wireless services important in higher education? 

Whilst university facilities such as libraries and study spaces are still important, our university reviews prove that students have never before been so dependent on digital services. 

Students’ experiences at higher education institutions can be vastly improved through online library access, automated check-in and scheduling systems, careers support and campus WiFi. 

We all know that there’s more to university life than just academia. Universities who provide students with a fast network connection allow them to game, stream and stay connected to family. Struggling with homesickness at university is hard enough without having to worry about wireless network issues.

What are universities offering? 

From helping you set up your devices on day one, to troubleshooting that end of year submission error, university IT teams work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that technology serves its intended purpose. 

The best UK universities for WiFi provide a broad range of network services for students. Whilst Eduroam services remain the most widely used, some universities such as Bangor University (#2) provide secondary ResNet networks for gaming consoles and smart devices. 

Many institutions now offer fully developed apps to students, such as the University of Southampton (#9) with their ‘MySouthampton’ product. These apps help students to navigate around campus, view results and ensure they stay up-to-date with university news and their timetables. 

We can now reveal the top 20 universities for internet and WiFi in our league table below!

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The Top 20 UK Universities for WiFi and Internet


The University of Sheffield

“The college has achieved full coverage of wifi, opening up a smart campus...”

Overall rating

Topping the table this year is the University of Sheffield, with students remarking on the widespread coverage and excellent connection speed of their WiFi offering. This solid infrastructure has allowed the university to maximise the quality of their online teaching and service platform. Security has been considered as well, with multi-factor authentication rolled out across all university IT accounts. Consistent and fast, Sheffield have proved their place at the top.





Image Credit

Bangor University

“Good wifi in all of the Uni buildings that I've been in.”

Overall rating

Bangor University scores an excellent second place, with their Eduroam system bringing in consistently high reviews. The university also offers a secondary WiFi network called ResNet, which provides a separate high-speed connection for gaming consoles and other devices. In the occasional event of an update or servicing, Bangor has been praised by students for their advanced communication on expected downtimes, making them worthy of our number two spot.





Image Credit

University of Reading

“The campus is beautiful and the wifi has never caused a problem...”

Overall rating

Reading moved up into the top three, after a strong top five finish in last year's University Awards. Students report on reliable connection speeds and good coverage across the university's large campus. The IT offering includes ‘AppsAnywhere’, allowing students to stream select software to both university and personal devices, including some off campus. Should any issues arise, the IT team offers a broad range of in-person and online support.





University of Cambridge

“Probably the best University experience one can get in the UK, with exceptional education [...]”

Overall rating

As an institution which scores so highly in league tables for computer science, it’s only right that the University of Cambridge provides excellent WiFi connectivity. The university maintains a strong 'network services' page, providing information on service status for a range of its products. Devices which cannot access Eduroam can be registered on the UniOfCam-IoT service, allowing students to make use of a wide range of streaming options.





University of Aberdeen

“...The wifi on campus is good, can sometimes access it at the beach....”

Overall rating

The University of Aberdeen flies into our top five this year, offering a range of WiFi networks for its students. Reviews of the institution regularly mention great coverage and fast connection speed. The university also offers a dedicated network for those with consoles and smart devices. Students in need of technical support can get help both online and at the library kiosk.





Imperial College London

“It's far beyond my wildest expectations. Imperial College helps one balance an intense academic life with other aspects of life needed to keep going forward.”

Overall rating

Moving up into the top 10 this year, Imperial College London continues to operate its three different networks to achieve excellent connectivity. Reviews left by students consistently praise the speed of the network, ensuring that technology does not become a barrier to education. The university also offers an easily accessible network for visitors.





The University of Manchester

“...The WiFi is very fast and reliable throughout the campus...”

Overall rating

With both wired and wireless connection options, The University of Manchester continues to provide excellent internet connectivity to its students. Through a partnership with ‘Glide’, the university has provided secure wired connections throughout its halls of residence, ensuring that students always have access to digital learning.





Image Credit

Lancaster University

“Internet [...] is very fast and mostly works...”

Overall rating

Students and visitors alike can make use of Lancaster's connectivity offering, with its Eduroam network providing high speed internet across the campus. Within halls of residence, students praise high download speeds, perfect for accessing online learning or streaming films and music.





University of Southampton

“...with internet around all the campuses with lightning fast speeds (even on mobile devices) ...”

Overall rating

The University of Southampton provides extensive ‘step-by-step’ guides for configuring its Eduroam network, which provides excellent coverage across its variety of facilities. They continue to maintain the ‘MySouthampton’ app, giving students access to emails, maps and timetables all in one convenient place. Students who need assistance can visit the IT helpdesk in the library.





Image Credit

University of Warwick

“...excellent place to study! The environment is great ...”

Overall rating

Boasting download speeds of “up to 300Mbps”, Warwick provides high speed internet with decent coverage across its campus. With WPA2 authentication, students and staff can work freely without fear of network security being compromised. The online 'help desk' allows students to track service requests and call if they need assistance.





Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

“...The internet actually works great on campus so I don't have to worry if I can't use my own mobile data!...”

Overall rating

With many students praising its WiFi, connectivity continues to be a priority for Nottingham Trent University. Despite being spread across the city and beyond, the university has managed to achieve excellent coverage across its various locations, with high speed connections supporting students in their online learning.





Northumbria University

“Internet very fast and the facilities are amazing ...”

Overall rating

Northumbria offers a wide range of online student services, including a digital induction to help students get set up as quickly as possible. 'NU Connect', the student app, allows access timetables and helps to locate available computers and software on campus, as well as travel information for routes to campus. The institution's WiFi offering has been praised in reviews for its excellent connection speed.





City, University of London

“The journalism department has really good equipment and wifi was always working...”

Overall rating

With 24-hour support, 365 days a year, City ensures that students and staff always have access to its Eduroam WiFi network. The institution also offers its app, ‘CityNav’, to help students find their way both to buildings and through them. ‘AppsAnywhere’ also allows students and staff to remotely access some selected software, without having to visit a university PC.





Image Credit

University of Bath

“My overall experience at the University of Bath was amazing. [...] During the pandemic, the lecturers have worked hard to make the online learning experience as rewarding as possible.”

Overall rating

Students at the University of Bath have access to their Eduroam-based system, with reported good coverage and fast connectivity through institution buildings and accommodation. The university also supports a legacy network for consoles and smart devices which are not compatible with the Eduroam network.





University of Strathclyde 

“I would recommend anyone to join my university. Tutors, facilities, location and people everything is great.”

Overall rating

With digital learning becoming increasingly important, the University of Strathclyde remains committed to providing good services to their students. Strathclyde scores consistently highly in the WiFi category, with broadly good coverage and connection speeds moving them into our top 20.





Image Credit

University of Bristol

“...wifi is excellent in almost every where...”

Overall rating

Reviews for the University of Bristol have stayed consistently high through the COVID-19 pandemic, with many positive reviews mentioning the quality of the online teaching. With good coverage across the university and a quick connection, students always have access to the resources they require. The 'wireless homepage’ continues to be an effective host for troubleshooting services.





Image Credit

University of Leeds

“... I have never had issues with wifi on campus so far.”

Overall rating

Moving into the top 20 this year is the University of Leeds, hosting a dedicated IT portal for logging incidents, submitting requests and providing service status updates. This focus on providing a high standard of connectivity has ensured that students have constant access to online learning throughout the pandemic, allowing them to reach their full potential.





University of Birmingham

“Nice campus, very big, the buildings are beautiful, WiFi is good!”

Overall rating

With both an IT hub and service portal, the University of Birmingham is committed to providing excellent support to its staff and students. The institution continues to improve its online learning environment and students can expect good coverage across its various sites throughout Birmingham, as well as decent connection throughout its halls of residence.





University of Greenwich

“The facilities provided by university is the latest with wifi connection in every building...”

Overall rating

Greenwich has been committed to providing students with an online learning environment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with praise for its digital network featured in student reviews. Through a combination of Eduroam and Govroam, the university provides good coverage for its students and maintains an app for timetable scheduling and campus navigation.





University of St Andrews

“... The staff are really helpful and experts in their field, and this was recently reflected in being named the top university in the UK.”

Overall rating

Students praise the online offering of the University of St Andrews, which is why the institution features in our top 20. With consistently high review scores in this area, St Andrews provides students with a fast connection with generally good coverage. IT services also maintain a blog, updating students on industry news, as well as service updates.




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