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Boost your CV and earn money while helping future students make decisions!

We’re looking for students who love talking about their university, want to amplify student voices and help prospective students make well-informed choices about uni.  

As a StudentCrowd Ambassador, you will work with us to help generate student reviews of your university, accommodation and beyond. StudentCrowd reviews cover every area of university life, from your course to location and everything in between. 

Help future students: StudentCrowd reviews have been viewed by over 1.7 million site visitors this year to help make those all-important university choices. The reviews you help to generate will give future students the best possible information to shape their university decisions. 

Grow your CV: You will be able to write about your digital marketing and communication skills on your CV. Not only will you earn monetary rewards as you generate reviews, you will also earn StudentCrowd Digital Marketing badges for your LinkedIn profile. These will showcase your digital marketing skills to future employers.

Learn digital marketing skills: We will provide you with all the digital marketing training and support you need to start generating reviews for your university.

Earn as you go: For every 10 reviewers you collect, you will earn £10. Generating reviews is flexible work, which you can easily complete around your studies. 



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What we’re looking for:

★ Excellent verbal and written communication skills

★ Practical knowledge of TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms 

★ Ability to take initiative, employ good judgement, and manage projects from beginning to end 

★ Have access to a personal computer 


What you’ll gain:

★ Monetary rewards for meeting review generation targets 

★ StudentCrowd’s Digital Marketing Badges for your LinkedIn profile and CV

★ Digital Marketing campaign training: receive £10 for completing the training

★ Additional opportunities for earnings are available for creating digital video content


Role expectations:

★ Essential: Digital Marketing Training (1 hour)

★ Expected time commitment is 1-2 hours a week




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Got more questions about StudentCrowd Ambassadors? Email us at

How does the StudentCrowd Ambassadors scheme work?

The more reviewers you collect, the more rewards you receive. These rewards comprise both vouchers and digital marketing badges. 

We will do a weekly calculation of your review generation total. We will keep you updated with how you are performing and whether you have generated enough for a voucher or badge. 

Once you have collected 10 reviewers, you will receive your hard-earned vouchers. You will receive your Digital Marketeer badges as you hit the various milestones during your review generation campaigns. 

Check out our Ambassadors Terms and Conditions

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