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First step: please read the StudentCrowd Review Guidelines

As a StudentCrowd Ambassador, you are representing the StudentCrowd brand in your communications. It is crucial that you understand what’s important to us. 

We believe reviews help to shape students' decision making. Therefore it is important to us that reviews are meaningful, authentic and represent real student opinion. 

The terms and conditions outlined below reflect these aims. 

Helpful content  

Avoid using the following within your content:

  • Commentary about a person’s social, political or religious views
  • Profanity, name calling, and assumptions about a person’s character or personality
  • Content that refers to circumstances entirely outside of another’s control
  • Negative comments about identifiable individuals or institutions
  • Profanities, threats of violence or discriminatory language targeted at an individual or group
  • Anything that violates our review policy [link]

Ensure your content is factually accurate and avoid engaging in sensationalism

StudentCrowd speaks positively about students and in a non-defamatory way about universities. Please ensure your content reflects this tone.

In order to ensure content fits within our community guidelines, you are required to tag StudentCrowd social channels in any social media posts.

Use of StudentCrowd digital assets

  • Don't associate or place StudentCrowd content or the StudentCrowd logo beside any content or imagery that violates our Ts & Cs or review guidelines
  • The logo should only be used in coral or white. It can overlay images, but the StudentCrowd text must be legible at all times.
  • Do not use the University Awards campaign visuals after 16th July as any reviews after this date won’t be included in the 2021 University Awards ranking calculation.
  • Do not create any social media accounts in StudentCrowd's name.

Not gaming the system 

  • Only students with email accounts are able to leave a review. This ensures our reviews are from verified students. Only reviews from a verified email account will count towards your review count.
  • StudentCrowd operates a policy of not allowing incentives to coerce people to leave positive reviews. Therefore, you are not allowed to use either incentive or coercion to motivate students to leave a review. Any attempt to do this will result in you being removed from the scheme and not receiving any monetary rewards.

Review tracking 

  • You are responsible for making sure all your posts or channels use your dedicated URL; we won’t be able to check other routes. If the URL hasn’t been used, reviews won't be assigned to your review count.

Payment of rewards

  • Voucher payments will be made the week after 16th July. If you have achieved 250 reviews before this date, you will be rewarded sooner.
  • Voucher payment will be sent to your email address.

Use of Digital Marketeer badge 

  • Digital Marketeer badges are awarded to successful Student Ambassadors. These are for your personal use only. Do not share the digital assets with anyone else. If you are found to be misusing these badges you will be removed from our Digital Marketeer register.

Refer a friend 

  • As a trained Ambassador you will be able to recommend a friend as a fellow Ambassador. When your recommended friend reaches 50 reviews, you will be put in a prize draw worth £50.

Anyone who attempts to generate reviews in a way that violates our community guidelines will be removed from the scheme and not receive their monetary rewards. 

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