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Are you a university advisor for year 12 and 13 students? 

Yes? Then we’re here to help you support your students in the big decisions of university life!

StudentCrowd is the UK's most extensive student review platform. We gather reviews from real students studying in the UK on a whole range of important areas of university life. In the last 12 months, over 1.6 million unique users read over 95,790 reviews on StudentCrowd. Our reviews cover university, courses, accommodation, university city and much more.


Why are student reviews so important? 

Student reviews are becoming even more important in a year 13 students' university decision-making. In fact, UCAS’s 2020 New Applicant Survey (see below) reported that the second most important resource when deciding which university to apply to was ‘online reviews by other students’.

Picking the right university is a daunting decision for students, and with rising student debt, applicants want more assurance that they are making the right choice for them. University applicants are seeking out more and more non-traditional sources of information about university life. 

With limited ability to attend on-campus open and visit days over the last 18 months, students have been increasingly turning to Google and finding StudentCrowd.


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StudentCrowd can be found in the top 3 results for the majority of universities.


What information can university applicants find on StudentCrowd? 

#1 Genuine Student Reviews

We are the only platform to require an (university) email verification for every review to ensure the authenticity of our reviews. 

Our reviews cover every aspect of university life from course to halls to bank accounts. The four areas we have the widest coverage on are university, course, accommodation and university location.

Applicants can find out about every aspect of university life in one place. 

#2 Comprehensive accommodation cost and availability information

We are also the only platform in the UK to cover all university-owned and privately-owned student accommodation. 

Once a student has decided what university they want to study at and which course they want to take, accommodation choices then become one of the biggest factors in shaping their university experience. We understand how important it is to find the right ‘home away for home’ for students to thrive!

Student accommodation is also the biggest expense out of a student budget, costing more than tuition fees in most universities. Having all the relevant information readily available helps applicants make accommodation decisions much more easily. 

#3 Lots of support and guidance 

We also have a wide range of support and advice across many aspects of university life.


What can you do?

Here are a couple of simple actions you can take to get some of the best information about university life in the hands of your applicants:

#1 Link to StudentCrowd: why not start by including a link to the StudentCrowd website on your online university information pages for year 12/13 students? Our most popular pages include:

Our homepage

Best universities 2021 league table as decided by students 

University Awards

Best accommodation by location 

#2 Book a University Advisor Takeover Session: we can deliver a hands-on workshop on how to choose student accommodation and what to look out for during one of your dedicated university advisory sessions. 

#3 Join our quarterly advisors newsletter: we’ll keep you up to date on all our latest insights which are directly beneficial to your students. StudentCrowd regularly shares and presents our data and insight through Universities UK, The Universities Marketing Forum, HEPI, Property Week and other HE providers. 

#4 Follow us on social media: we continue to post a whole range of information and guidance on all aspects of university life through our social channels. 

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