How would you like to have some furniture that is made for you?

How would you like some furniture that is just too expensive for you to even contemplate buying?

A fanciful dream for a student, I know. Or is it?

A growing trend amongst people these days is to 'hack', furniture. That is, to take something and turn it into something else. Like turning a kitchen table into a very nice computer desk, for a fraction of the price that it would have cost to actually buy a decent one.

Most popular of the furniture hacks are the Ikea Hacks. They're modular, they're flat packed and they're everywhere. It's amazing what you can make.

For students, these kind of hacks and tricks can be perfect. You can hack furniture so that it is tailored for your rooms and you can save money; not having to buy the expensive real thing. If you have an engineering student among your housemates then even better! A ready made hacker right there, just waiting to burst out and turn 2 planks of wood into a shed.

To help you see some of the possibilities, we rounded up 27 of our favourite hacks that we think you will find VERY interesting.

Show Me What You Got

1.£40 DIY Desk

The ultimate, easy desk. Two sturdy book shelves, one counter top, and you're set. Even a complete DIY novice could do this. By picking your own counter top size & bookshelf size, you could easily create a desk that fits a room of any size, and looks good while doing just that!

2.Pull Out Lamp

Impress the ladies by pulling out this lamp. Seriously it looks awesome, and you can bet no one else is going to have a lamp this cool. Theres will be boring by comparison.

3.DIY TV Stand

As you're about to learn in this blog, a bookshelf is a versatile piece of furniture when it comes to hacking. Here we have a simple flip-a-roo, that creates a really nice looking TV stand, at a teeny tiny price. Seriously how awesome is your house going to look with some of these hacks? Like a budget version of MTVs Cribs is how awesome.

4.Bookshelf Storage Table

Like I said, the bookshelf is a versatile tool. Here we have it turned into a beautiful storage table, ready to meet all your storage needs. So simple to do as well, which is always handy.

5.Kitchen Table Turned Computer Desk

Quite possibly my favourite hack on the list. Who knew a kitchen table could be turned into an awesome computer desk, with minimal effort. I might even build one myself... Cable management, storage, even a headphone holder! Sounds like a great desk for students.

6.The Classy, Budget Hat Stand

How many students can claim to have a decent hat stand? Not many I'm guessing. Well you can, and you can also add a little bit of class to your student house a long the way.

7.The Ultimate Tech Infused Retro Arcade Coffee Table

You read that right. It's a coffee table that's also an arcade station, and it can be yours. If you want it. Endless, classic Mario Kart, Sonic The Hedgehog, Zelda and more; right at your fingertips.

8.£4 Charging Station

You probably have a lot of gadgets. Your phone, a tablet, an e-reader maybe, that iPod your still hanging on to or even that PSVita that you was sure would hit the mainstream. It can be good to have it all in one place, and available for instant plug 'n' charge.

9.Jewellery Closet

Ladies, I got you covered. A closet for your Jewellery. All of it.

10.Expedit Kitchen And Bar

I remember some of my friends having a house with a massive kitchen and not much to fill it. No table, no chairs, no nothing. How awesome would a Kitchen Bar have been? I'm not saying this is a cheap option, but it would definitely be one of the coolest, and classiest. You would make other students jealous of just how classy you are.

11.Golden Stand

You and your housemates can create the illusion that you're doing well for yourself just by painting things gold. Don't over do it though... Or people might paint you as a target.

12.Cheap Side Table

You put your alarm clock on there, you push your alarm clock off there, maybe you have a reading light on there. A decent side table is essential. You don't even realise it until you don't have one. For £10, you can't go wrong with this little hack.

13.Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

When you enter a student house, the first thing you notice are the amount of shoes that are littered all around the entrance and hallway. It's like a mini obstcle course! Not only would a shoe rack save some people falling over, put wall mounting it would just solve the problem completely.

14.Bookcase Turned Bar

Our old friend the bookcase returns and this time it comes to us as a bar. Imagine having your own bar in your student house! Pop your beers on there, your spirits, some fancy glasses, maybe an ornament or two and you're good to go.

15.The 'No Holds' Bar

Alternatively, if you want to take your bar to the next level then this is the one for you. You got draws, a wine rack, a sliding planel, and even some glass holders! You can look like you have spent a fortune, for only a fraction of the price. People would be jealous.

16.Speaker Stands

Sometimes it is just the little things that can make the difference. Maybe in this case it is some speaker stands. Simple, effective, and they can create space on your desk as well.

17.T-Shirt Filling Station

Who has a 'T-Shirt filling station'. Better yet, who calls their T-Shirt drawer a 'filling station'. Someone pretentious, that's who. If you want to inspire to that level, then maybe this is the hack for you. Admittedly it does look useful...

18.Budget Wardrobe

Some people can spend days looking at Wardrobes, trying to find the right one, and then end up spending a fortune on it. Here is a stripped down, budget wardrobe that might actually suit a lot of students. As long as you're happy to showcase your lime green suit in plain view that is.

19.The Ultimate Storage Dressing Table

To say this involves some bins, this really is an ingenius little hack. It saves space, looks good and allows you to be very lazy with regards to your clothes.

20.Expansive Wardrobe

If you want a Wardrobe that is a little more expansive than the other one then something like this might be what you're looking for. All you need is a TV storage unit and some additional shelves. It has a space for all your shoes, your shirts, your Doctor Who cosplay and even some draws for those more private things.

21.Your Own Distillery

Why not create your own distillery and have a go at creating your own beers. I hear micro-brewing is an in-thing at the moment.

22.Bike Closet

If it isn't shoes in the entrance way then its a bike. Hack your own bike closet though and no one has to get hurt ever again...

23.Candy Bar Stand

I want one. You want one. We all want one. Let's make one!

24.Printing Press

No idea why this is here to be honest. I'm sure you will figure out a way to do something cool with it.

25.Laptop Stand

Sometimes you just need somewhere to put your laptop. Some stands can be unnecessarily expensive so this DIY equivilant should be right up your alley.

26.Arcade Machine

This looks awesome. This is how you play games in style. This is also probably going to be a bit expensive, but you got to live the dream sometimes right!?

27.Stairway To Heaven Handrail

I'm not saying you need this because you're drunk all the time, but it does help you find the way to your room when you are drunk (constantly).


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So what do you think? Have you seen any hacks you like? Done any hacks yourself? If so, let us know in the comments and we will add it to our Pinterest board - which you can see below - and link it back to you.

I take no responsibility for you hurting yourself in any way whilst trying to build one of these. You're on your own guys...