How would you like to impress your friends, save some money and be awesome?

Well that's all within your reach if you read this article.

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We have collected some of the best food hacks around that we think every student should know about.

Learn things that you didn't even think possible. I (can't) guarantee that they will make your lives 100% better.


1. You Have Been Eating Your Chicken Wings Wrong

Let the Crazy Russian Hacker show you how it is done.

You can't be wasting good meat! That stuff costs money...

2. Create The Ultimate Lemon Cubes

All you need is a muffin tray, a lemon and some water. Then you can put some cubes in your drinks and become the classiest student around.

3. Bacon, Egg Cups

These will change your lives. Look at them! Bacon and egg, wrapped together in perfect unison. It's beautiful.

You can find the full picture here.

Spend less money on expending dairy products that you will never get to eat by extending their shelf life.

4. DIY Crisp Bowl

No need to hold crisp packets. No need to clean a bowl. No need to even buy a bowl. This handy trick will make your life 100% easier and more thrilling.

5. Use A Radiator To Ripen A Banana

Don't throw that perfectly good banana away!

6. Ice Cream Sandwich

A sandwich has never looked so good. Cookie Dough was made for this.

7. Easy To Make Chocolate Bowls

Imagine how impressed your housemates, course mates and family will be when you're making this. All you need is some balloons and chocolate!

8. The Ultimate Baked Potato

Find the rest of the how-to here. You won't regret it.

9. Blenders Can Improve Your Wine

Make your friends believe that your £3 Asda branded Wine is actually a vintage £50 set with this handy tip.

They'll never know the difference.

10. Meat Freezing Tips

Buying meat in bulk is a real money saver. Now here is how you make sure that you're efforts don't go to waste.

11. How To Quickly Cool Down Your Beer

How annoying is it when you run out of beers in the fridge and you have to resort to breaking out the slightly warm stuff? All you need to remedy that problem is wrap you drink in wet tissue paper, stick it in freezer and wait two minutes. Then you're good to go.

It's that easy.

12. Using A Waffle Iron To Make Brownies; The Easy Way

Everyone loves brownies. No one likes putting a lot of effort into something.

This is the perfect solution. Plus they taste so good!

13. Create Mini Donuts Using Cheerios

Who doesn't like doughnuts? With this neat trick you can be making them on the cheap, anytime you like.

Take them into lectures, make them for Netflix binges. Become everyone's favourite person. You know it is possible when you have mini donoughts.

14. Nutella Pastry

All Pastries are healthy. Fact.

15. Egg Cooking Hacks

Eggtastic food is just a couple of minutes away with these handy hacks.

16. Milk And Cookie Ice Cubes

You just know that you are making these as soon as you get the chance.

17. Extend The Life Of Your Dairy Products

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Spend more time being lazier, whilst looking productive.

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