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The Digital Marketing Enterprise Challenge

StudentCrowd is the UK's most extensive student review platform. We have a passion to help students make decisions. By joining in our Enterprise Challenge, not only would you be developing incredible skills, you will also be working to generate student reviews to help future students make the big decisions of university life.

Are you a lecturer / tutor looking to run an enterprise challenge? 

StudentCrowd have developed a digital marketing challenge to help hone marketing skills and foster teamwork within an enterprise setting. The structure will support your students to achieve the best results, whilst exposing them to the world of marketing in a fun and engaging way.


Calling all students! 

Have you heard about the Enterprise Challenge through your university and want a few more details?

Do you want to improve your:       

  • idea generation skills?
  • creative problem-solving?
  • ability to take initiative?
  • digital marketing skills?

If the answer is yes, then sign up for StudentCrowd's Enterprise Challenge!   

What is the StudentCrowd Challenge?

You will work in teams with other students from your university to develop and run your own digital marketing campaign to generate as many student reviews as possible. You will need to be creative, show determination, respond to the data and work as a team to run a successful campaign. 

How will it work?

The Enterprise Challenge runs for between one to two weeks with the exact dates confirmed with your college or university. StudentCrowd will be with you every step of the way. We will set you off on your challenge, equipping you with all the tools you need to get started. We will then work with you directly throughout Challenge to make sure you stay on track and deliver a successful campaign.

What is the time commitment? 

StudentCrowd will be providing development sessions throughout the Challenge, these should last between 3-4 hours. You will then need time to work in your teams as well as time to actually deliver your campaign. In total we expect the challenge to take 7-10 hours.   

What is the timetable?

Getting started

Challenge launch: Introduction to digital marketing (1 hour plus 1 hour teamwork)

Digital marketing campaign planning

How to develop a digital marketing campaign: step-by-step plan to run a successful campaign (30 mins plus 1 hour teamwork)

Creating compelling content

How to generate engaging content to drive results (30 mins plus 1 hour teamwork)

Using the data 

How to use GoogleAnalytics to track your campaign and adjust your tactics in response to what it is saying (30 mins plus 1 hour teamwork)

Not letting up

How to keep pushing through to ensure success (30 mins plus 1 hour teamwork)

The StudentCrowd team will provide ongoing mentoring and support to teams as you go through the Challenge.   

What will I get?

Not only will you develop fantastic skills to show off to employers, the winning team will receive Amazon vouchers. All participants will gain our Digital Marketeer badges to show off your skills on LinkedIn and beyond.   

How do I get involved?

Speak to the tutor that is running the Enterprise Challenge at your particular university. If no-one is running one, why don't you send them this webpage?

Thanks to Jordan Encarnacao and Mimi Thian (via Unsplash) for the photographs.

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