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Needs 10 more reviews to get ranked

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Living in Farnham

Farnham is an artsy place, and we mean that in a good way. Usually it takes a whole city to cover the amount of artsy-ness that Farnham manages to pack into its market town-shaped packaging.

Farnham has a distinguished history of involvement with art, from authors and ports to painters and sculptors. The university here deals exclusively in the creative arts, and the the rest of Farnham both supports and reflects this.

The main place you’re going to want to know about is The Maltings. This used to be a brewery (which should tell you straight away that it’s the kind of place you want to have on your map) but since that ended it’s been re-opened as an arts centre for both the students and the community, and most of the regular events in the town happen here. So if you wanted to see a movie you’d come to The Maltings. Or if you wanted to catch a comedy gig or some drama you’d find it in The Maltings. Or if you were in the mood for a live concert in anything from blues to folk to opera you’d check the calendar at The Maltings. Or if you needed to pick up a present for your Mum you’d go to a workshop or fair at The Maltings. Are you seeing a pattern here? Yeah, we thought so.

Elsewhere in the town there are independant shops in everything from gaming and music to vintage gear and fashion, and the James Hockey and Foyer galleries, as well as all the usually shopping facilities. It’s a scenic place to shop as well. Farnham’s tried hard to hold onto it’s character and there are still a lot of beautiful old buildings around the town centre.

Guildford is about 11 miles away and is your nearest big town for major shopping trips and events, as well as a good dose of nightlife and music venues. This is also where you’ll find the multiplex cinema and more highstreet shopping, although after the unique atmosphere at Farnham you may find it a bit - dare we say it- ordinary.

Eating Out

  • The Barn: Whether you’re an arts rebel or an eco warrior, The Barn can cater for you. As well as a cafe, it aims to promote arts and sustainability in the community of Farnham, so go show it some love.
  • The Lobster Pot: A comforting ‘proper pub’ setting which may not be the cheapest, but as with most restaurants it’s a case of getting what you pay for. The hint is in the title; you should try the seafood.
  • 50 Pubs: This isn’t a name, it’s a number. The brewing history that gave Farnham The Maltings can still be seen all over the town. You should really go investigate that history. Right now!

Daytripping - Where to go

  • The Downs: You’re never more than five minutes from the countryside when you’re in Farnham, but to make the most of it you really need to head to the North Downs Way. It starts in Farnham and will guide you out into some stunning countryside.
  • Reading: That’s right, the Reading Festival. It’s like you can reads our minds... Once a year this cultured country setting is blown to bits by an epic rock festival. Be there.
  • The Beach!: Did you know you’re less than 2hrs drive from Brighton? Get some mates, pack a car, and spend the day at one of the UKs most popular seaside towns.




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We love helping people make the best decisions about University life.

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